Papakainga relates to a housing village occurring on multiply owned maori land or ancestral land; an area of land which holds close kinship ties and ancestral links for hapu and whanau. Traditional papakainga embrace tipuna and give whanau a place of belonging. A papakainga can take into account residential living, marae, community facilities and opportunities for beneficial developments.

For many years ORT has attempted to establish Papakainga housing on their land blocks. It is the desire of the current Board of Trustees to be in a position to offer this option to shareholders thereby enabling them to return from the cities to Tupuna Whenua.

The Board of Trustees are developing a policy for Papakainga with the following purpose:

» To aid in the management decision which give effect to long-term plans for Papakainga housing on Trust land;

» To provide consistency for our shareholders when applying for Papakainga housing sites;

» To provide a measure of protection for our administration from accusations of bias when dealing with application for Papakainga housing sites;

» To ensure a planned approach to Papakainga housing so as not to interfere with farming operations on Trust properties;

» To ensure that if Papakainga housing sites were approved, that they are situated in designated Papakainga housing areas on the properties.

As presented at the recent AGM, please find the Papakainga Rental Housing Policy and the Papakainga Owner Occupier Housing Policy.

We welcome your feedback over the next 5 months prior to the SGM and this can be sent to our Trust email attention Colleen Bermingham-Brown.

For any enquiries regarding the ORT in general please contact us.