The Maori Land Court manages the share register for ORT overseeing the update of succession orders and changes in owners details. This court is also able to hear matters relating to title improvements, Maori land sales and the administration of Maori land trusts and incorporations.

The business of the Māori Land Court includes:

  • To administer and apply Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and other relevant legislation;
  • To maintain the records of title and ownership information of Māori land;
  • To make available Māori land information held by the Māori Land Court;
  • To facilitate Māori land administration and development through the professional delivery of services to Māori land owners, their whānau or hapū.

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Shareholder Distributions

Distributions are not and have not been made to shareholders in the history of the Trust to date. The Board of Trustees wish to remedy this and are working hard to bring ORT to a position where it is able to make an annual distribution to shareholders.

Currently there are other avenues which benefit shareholders and beneficiaries including:

  • Education Scholarships
  • Papakainga Policy
  • Protection of our assets and history

Any enquiries regarding the ORT please contact us.