The Omapere Taraire E & Rangihamama X3A Ahu Whenua Trust has a varied business portfolio including:

A sheep and beef unit operates on Omapere Farm with three full time staff members.

Farm Manager – Lloyd Brennan

Stock Manager – Brooks Cooper

Shepherd General – Paul Albert

This operation can be split into two units:

First the Sheep & Beef unit and Second the intensive grazing unit which is an intensive beef operation gradually developing in the Papakauri area. These two areas total 760 effective hectares and run stock units of around 7500 (sheep to beef ratio of 35:65). Classes of animals are made up of:

  • A self-replacing Romney ewe flock.
  • A self-replacing Angus breeding cows and bulls.
  • Finishing steers and bulls.

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In the early 80’s ORT entered into a Forestry Right Agreement with Tai Tokerau Forest Limited (a conglomerate of Maori Land owners) resulting in blocks of pine planted on Omapere Farm.

Ownership of the forest is with Tai Tokerau Forests Limited, while ownership of the land remains with ORT. As the pine plantations are at the stage of harvest the Board has separated the pine plantation from the sheep and beef operations from a financial and management perspective.

Following harvest of the pine trees, ORT has decided to replant the blocks on its own account, effectively becoming the responsible owner of both the trees and the land.

The Omapere pine blocks consist of two stands (52 hectares) of Post-1989 exotic forest (Pinus radiata) and eleven stands (261 hectares) of Pre-1990 exotic forest.

A carbon footprint exercise shows that the Omapere Farm operations and the Forestry operations are significantly carbon negative.

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There are eight houses within Omapere and Rangihamama blocks; four houses are sited on each block. Those houses which are surplus to farm requirements are tenanted through the rental market.

The aim of this portfolio is to diversify trust business activities and it is hoped that this portfolio grows in the future. This portfolio is managed through the local Mid North Real Estate office.

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In 2011, ORT began a relationship with a neighbouring property of Rangihamama which runs a pine forest nursery. Seven hectares of land is leased to the pine nursery which is operated by a local family with Ngati Hine whakapapa. The operation employs 12-18 full time contractors during its peak season from August to October.


In 2011 the trust was approached by a local honey processing plant requesting that bee hives be allowed to overwinter on Omapere land. This is a beneficial passive activity as it brings income for very marginal land (i.e. scrubland) and requires negligible input from ORT. The trust hopes to grow this relationship for the future.


The shale quarry on Omapere land has been leased to a local contractor who is charged with developing the operation.

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This is a venture that will be developed on Rangihamama. Feasibility studies and consultation with the owners has been carried out at the most recent AGM’s. From all areas this is a venture that is feasible and keenly anticipated by the owners and Trust community.