Our Structure

A Trust is a legal structure put in place to manage assets and liabilities on behalf of an owner or owners. An Ahu Whenua Trust is a Maori land management trust, legally formed under Te Ture Whenua Act 1993, designed to promote the retention of land in Maori ownership.

The Omapere Taraire E & Rangihamama X3A Ahu Whenua Trust, on behalf of its 3000+ shareholders administers the Omapere and Rangihamama lands along with housing and forestry ventures. The shareholders and beneficiaries are the owners of the land. Only shareholders have the ability to vote or elect trustees. See TRUST ORDER.


ORT currently sits under the governance of 5 elected trustees (1 of these trustees being an Independent Professional Trustee) each serving a term of 4 years. Trustee rotations occur every second year (i.e. the next elections will be held in 2012) with nominations called for prior to the AGM and shareholder voting taking place on the day of the AGM.

The Trust has established separate operating enterprises by way of portfolios:

  • Rangihamama Farm
  • Omapere Farm
  • Housing
  • Forestry
  • Financial

Individual trustees act as portfolio holders without management accountabilities. There is a good range in age and skill within the current Board of Trustees with each having extensive business, financial, governance and/or land development expertise.

Current Trustees are:

  • Raniera (Sonny) Tau – Chair & Housing portfolio;
  • Taoko Wihongi – Shareholder Matters;
  • Bruce Cutforth – Omapere Farm portfolio & Rangihamama Farm portfolio;
  • Colleen Bermingham-Brown – Financial portfolio & Scholarship portfolio;
  • Te Tuhi Robust – Forestry portfolio.

Trustee meetings are held every 6 weeks (non-notified) and shareholder meetings are held twice per year (notified).

Any enquiries regarding ORT please contact us.