Omapere Taraire E & Rangihamama X3A Ahu Whenua Trust
Notice of SGM

DATE: Saturday 3rd May 2014
TIME: 9am Start,
VENUE: Te Iringa Marae, Waimatenui Road, Kaikohe.

AGENDA: 9am Registrations, 9.30am Whakatau – Kapu Tii. 10am Portfolio and Financial Reports, 12 Noon closing Karakia and Lunch.

Although shareholders have made the decision to cancel all shares purchased back from the Maori Trustee, with the value of remaining shares gaining in value pro-rata, and because of a late submission to the Maori Landcourt asking that Whanau who have previously sold their shares to the Crown, be allowed to purchase those shares back for their respective Whanau, the Maori Landcourt wants Shareholders to have another discussion and seek resolution from Shareholders in light of this late submission.

The Trustees therefore seek a resolution addressing how the shares will be treated as we retire debt with the Maori Trustee. Given the latest development with the late submission to the Court, a Resolution vote will be held on the following:

Will these shares be dissolved and current shareholders shares increase in value pro-rata? OR Do shareholders agree that Whanau be given the opportunity for first right of refusal to buy back these shares? And If so, what will be the structure for pricing these shares? Please pass this notification on to as many Whanau as possible. If you have any queries please contact the trust office on 094053551