Proxy Appointment Process if unable to attend AGM in person; The shareholder/voter must complete the following for vote to qualify;

  1. Fully complete the required information on the proxy appointment form & sign it
  2. Provide Photo ID to match the signature. Further, in the case the land is under a Trust – The Chair or a Trustee need to sign the Proxy Form
  3. Have a representative over 18 years present at AGM to Act on behalf of the Shareholder
  4. Have fully completed form available 1 hour before the AGM Meeting commences.


Trustee Nomination Process; The nominee must complete the following to qualify;

  1. The nominator must be a Shareholder over 18 years of age
  2. Fully complete the required information on the Trustee Nomination form & sign it
  3. Provide Photo ID to match the signature
  4. Provide current Curriculum Vitae
  5. The fully completed form needs to reach the office no later than 5pm (NZT) on 6 September 2019.

Note: It is the sole responsibility of the Nominee to meet the Trustee Nomination requirements and ensure all required documents are included with application. Late application/s will not be accepted.