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General and Agricultural Specific Scholarships

Online General / Agricultural Specific Scholarships Application Form



If you know only part of your whakapapa, give the details that are known to you.


Please provide the name and contact details for one referee who can be contacted if necessary to support your application (e.g. Kaumatua (Kuia/Korua), Head of Department, School Principal or Senior Lecturer).

Privacy Act

The Trustees of Omapere Taraire E & Rangihamama X3A Ahu Whenua Trust will, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, make available to the applicant on request the personal information that it holds about the applicant and will make any appropriate corrections to that information, to ensure that the information which is held is accurate. By submitting this application you are agreeing that: 1. I confirm that all of the information supplied in support of my application is accurate at the date of signing and the supporting documentation is enclosed being forwarded. 2. I undertake to notify the Trust if I withdraw from my chosen course of study during the next academic year. 3. I authorise a representative from the Trust to contact my referee or any person in connection with my academic record.